Steve Marks

Steve Marks

Hi, I'm Steve. Thanks for stopping by.

🧔🏻‍♂️ 👩🏻 👦🏻 👦🏻  Who am I?

I'm a husband and dad, currently living in Durham, NC.
I am originally from the Northside of Chicago, and have spent significant amounts of time in New York City, Florence / Italy, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.

💻 📈 🎧 What I'm into   

When I'm not hanging with my family I think a lot about technology, entrepreneurial projects, real estate, and cooking.
I'm currently a Global Operations Manager at Apple, working on projects for Apple Pay and Apple Wallet.
Before Apple, I was a Strategic Account Executive at Twilio, helping high-growth startups and companies make customized engagement experiences for their customers.
Prior to that, I was in SaaS sales, went to code school, owned a real estate brokerage in downtown Chicago, was a marketing automation consultant, and a management consultant. I also have experience in the music business and at Chicago Public Radio.

🎓  Graduated!

I recently completed a MS in Technology Commercialization at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.  Hook em! 🤘  Besides a brand new network of like-minds, I am now well versed in Design Thinking, Converting Technology into Wealth, Marketing Technological Innovations, New Venture Creation, Strategy, VC/Finance, Implementation, Creative Management and Legal Risk. The plan is to refine the ability to develop and commercialize technologies and innovations, and take that knowledge into future projects both for my employer and myself.

For Fun

I like to tinker, and have a few things going on!
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Current Projects
Real Estate
Real Estate Agents
News is an automated daily newsletter for anyone interested in real estate, but primarily real estate and mortgage brokers. It contains mortgage rates and real estate news from the last 24 hours, and hits email inboxes at 7:15am ET. Signup for free at
Media Professionals
Marketing Departments
Creative Professionals
Steve Marks Voice is my commercial voiceover service. Super fun! Currently my voice is on national streaming TV commercials for real estate and mortgage brokerages, around the country. Check out my demo at
Fantasy Sports
Sports Fans
Fantasy Scouting Report (FSR) is currently under construction. The plan is to create a solution that helps fantasy sports managers get an edge in their leagues. More to come on this when there is more info to share.
My weapon of choice in this arena is the Ooni Koda 16. It's a 1000-degree propane-powered pizza oven that cooks Neapolitan style pizzas in about 60 seconds. 🤯 Currently working on getting the dough right. More complicated than it sounds. Maybe it's just me.
Real Estate
Real Estate Agents
I am always thinking about real estate. (My first foray into entrepreneurship, it will always be in my brain!) Currently mulling how to get into real estate investing (REI) as a means to diversify, hedge against inflation, and have fun.
"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood..." - Daniel Burnham, Chicago Architect (1864-1912), and author of the 1909 Plan of Chicago.

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I'd love to speak with you if you want to connect about professional stuff, entrepreneurial projects, dad jokes or anything fun.
Here’s my LinkedIn.
Thanks for reading!